Tuesday, May 22, 2007


An APB has been put out for "Manny The Poodle". Manny was seen by witnesses in the heinous act of first degree murder. He is about 1 foot tall, weighs 4 pounds, blonde, and goes by several aliases including "puppy", "mouser", and "that stupid dog". If you see him, do not try to apprehend him. He is fierce, remorseless, and unmerciful. Plus he has really pointy teeth.

Initial reports indicate that the victim was one Conte G.I. He was a decorated war hero with a perfect record of not falling over in a display. He will be missed by his unit and not easily replaced. Pictures of the crime scene can be found here (WARNING: Pictures contain graphic material of a plastic nature.)


Greg said...

May God have Mercy!

eborris said...

Bummer man, my dog ate a marx 60mm 7th cavalry kneeling firing rifle pose and my original Davey Crockett, at least he had good taste.

Wayne the Oldallamerican said...

Shoot the dog!!!

Just kidding, pull his teeth...