Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Apache Figure from Weston Toy Co.

Mr. Weston has concieved of a clever marketing idea. He is offering a free Apache figure with the purchase of the gunfighter set, but the catch is, you must buy them at a show. The free figure won't be available over the phone or internet, just at shows. I like these types of things. Thinking outside of the box just a bit. Good deal. I'll most likely already have the set by the time Chicago rolls around, but hey, might just buy another set in order to get the figure if he still has them by then. I wonder if this is the "8th" figure of the 7 figure gunfighter set. (hold on ya'll, here goes me talking about stuff i don't know anything about!!!) So, I reckon if a mold has enough room for 7 guys, then it might just have room for an 8th guy, and modern sets such as TSSD have come with an even 8 guys. So I'm assuming this guy was thrown in as well, not sculpted as a cowboy to keep the magic number of seven, and now offered free to those who can make it to shows. Again, guessing on all that, but makes sense, and if it's true, I think it rocks.


eborris said...

I'll pick them up in San Antonio, I'll let you know how he looks.


I can go one better. Any purchase (and that means a simple casting as well)from me secures you a free painted figure worth 20 dollars minimum. At the moment you can choose from French Marshals Romans medievals Napoleon. Also Metal airplanes if you don't like the soldier idea. If anyone has time come and have a look at my blog