Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Plastic Battle of Thermopylae

I just read over at the Marx Playset group a letter from Mr. Conte. In it he states that he hopes to have the plastic Spartan Playsets out later this year, and the announcement of what is in them should be forthcoming. This is a playset I've been looking forward to for awhile. I'm assuming this will be a $300 playset, so I'm thinking to myself, what could they have inside this playset? Of course there will be Spartans. That is probably going to be the main focal point. Lots and lots of spartans. But what else will it have in it?

Playsets usually have walls, tanks, huts, animals, cannon, hedgerows, trees... so what sort of trimmings can a playset based on the Battle of Thermopylae have in it? The only thing I can think of is the Phocian Wall. And will this set have Persians in it, or simply the Spartans? To tell the truth, it's going to have to be something pretty awesome for me to pick up the playset. Not because I have anything against Conte's playsets, but rather they are just a little TOO NICE for my style. For example, the Omaha Beach playsets were AMAZING to look at, but I don't have much use for the metal landing crafts that came with them. I like my BMC landing craft. So... it will all depend on the contents of the playset on whether I spring for it or not. It will also have something to do with what else is available when it comes out. If it's planned for a OTSN release, it will probably go up against most likely a Barzso playset, and possibly other contenders should they choose to do a playset. I'm keeping my hopes up that this will be an awesome playset that is worth every penny. Unlike WWII figures, there is a NEED for multiple figures in the same pose. That's a personal view, I know, and some may disagree, but I don't need 4 German officers firing a pistol. But I will need 4 spartans thrusting a spear. Heck, I'll need 400 of them... err, maybe just 300 of em'. You know what I mean.

Hopefully the announcement will come sooner rather than later, so we can all start scrapping up our pennies in case it's one to have.

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