Friday, January 9, 2009

Hobby Bunker Sales

My wife is a bargain hunter, and she rarely comes home without a kill. I mean it. She can walk into any store and find an item that was once $60 on sale for like $3. I'm not kidding. She bought a nice denim jacket for $3 from Sears one time. I doubt she has a pair of shoes that cost more than $20.

As for me, I never find good sales. But it ain't my fault. The junk I like (toy soldiers, orange crush, star wars books, and guitar strings) NEVER go on sale. I've just become numb to the fact that 99% of what I buy is going to be at retail cost.

So, whenever a nice sale comes along, it's a bonafide reason to celebrate. Go check out Hobby Bunker's "Weekly Sales" section. Good browsing and good prices.

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