Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cheap Scenics at Wal-Mart

The set is the "Savannah Collection" from a series of hard plastic toys called Nature's Wonders. This Tree and Rock, plus a couple of other small rock pieces and a fairly goofy looking pond, cost a whopping $2 at my local Wal-Mart. They had a TON of them, and I plan on going back and picking up a more tomorrow.

For 1/48th Airplane guys, they had 21st Century planes for $3 each.


tom said...

I picked up a set of one large rock, one tree, pond, and two small rocks for $7.00. Were you able to buy them separately or did you get the set? My Wal-Mart had the 1/32 scale 21st Century armor (Hetzer and Marder) for only $9.00 each too.

Beau said...

Hey Tom,

I bought the entire set like you did, but they were marked down to $2 per set. I bought all seven sets that were left. I didn't buy the farm set though. The fences and hay bales looked a bit too cartoonish to be of much use.

My walmart has been out of 21st Century product for a few weeks now. They haven't had 1/32 scale product since before Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Beau, I wish I could shop at your Wal-Mart, too. I've been waiting for the prices to drop on those scenics but they're holding at $7.00 a set, too. I can't see it for that price. Back when they were marking down FOV and 21st C. stuff I kept waiting for my WalMarts to drop down to the prices I was hearing other guys getting but they never did and eventually someone picked them up and I missed out. Oh well, win some, lose some - I'd just like to break even! :-) Wayne from Alabama