Monday, December 29, 2008

Taken... again

I've been taken, abducted if you will, by the evil snare of video gaming once again. It happens sometimes. The toy soldiers start to gather dust, the shiny new parts of my collection don't seem so shiny, and I don't even bother to pick up the latest troops knocked over by the cat. All I can think about is getting back on this confounded computer to continue my journey as The Witcher. (beware, hide your children, it's rated M, which stands for "More Fun Than You Should have on a Computer")

But seriously, and I know most of you probably don't fall into the video game playing demographic here, but this is the most awsomest... yes, it's a word... awsomest game ever. No kidding. I almost thought about skipping the Colts game this past Sunday to keep playing. I didn't, but I THOUGHT ABOUT IT, and that's the scary part.

Anyhoo... so what you think about this new picture on the Conte site?


Anonymous said...

i've fallen into the call of duty 4 trap as well as the guitar hero trap. if you've got a ps3 or xbox 360 get call of duty. well worth every penny.

Beau said...

I've played the first four of the Call of Duty titles. Haven't gotten the latest one, but they are all great. Would suggest to anyone looking for a good game, on any system, including PC, my preference.

Anonymous said...

pc is lame just cause the controls are wacky. call of duty 2 big red one and call of duty finest hour are hard to find but highly recommended as well.