Saturday, December 20, 2008

Invaded by Silver

As you can see, my silver spartans showed up. Again, I can't say enough good things about these figures. Sculpting, posability, the fact that they are Spartans..., can't really go wrong.

One thing to be careful of, if you haven't already found out. The wrists on these guys are a bit fragile. I snapped off two only seconds after they had come out of the package. And one guy has a perpetually floppy shield arm.

I haven't attempted to switch arms for fear of ruining more of them, though I'm dying to try.

I wonder, none of my red ones have even thought about breaking, but the silver ones, they snapped right out of the package, and a couple more are just a twist away from permanent separation. Wonder if the color somehow affects the strength of the plastic, or if I just got really lucky with my red ones, or really unlucky with my silver ones.

Please don't let that warning stop you from buying them though. Wonderful figures, and the small breaks are nothing that a little superglue can't take care of.


Terence said...

I am also a toy soldier fanatic. I collect 54mm and I paint and collect 1/72. My wife has a understanding that Ilove this hobby. But I am running out of space. Those spartans are great but expensive. Where can I find them cheap. Sincerely ,Terence

Anonymous said...

With the extremely fragile wrists, I had the same problem with one of my cts reissue airfix paratroops. i broke a guy's hand off only seconds after opening the package. In this case it wasn't because of softend plastic but because the plastic was too hard and brittle. the only real problem is that know even with super-glue his hand still ends up breaking off when I put him in the box. Good thing is he wasn't doing anything important with that hand and so I just let it be.

Beau said...


Your best bet is to watch for them to be listed on Ebay. The cheapest I've seen them is 12.99 a card (7 figures). Other than that, you might be able to find them at toy soldier shows in the future... maybe two bucks each, maybe less? only time will tell.

On the Repro Airfix paras, I have some deep green, brown, and gray ones. Mine are made of a really supple soft plastic, not brittle at all. Must have been a different run, though I think they were done by CTS. That's too bad about the breakage though.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to swap limbs I have found it so much easier (with less chance of breakage)if the guy's are soaking in hot water.

CraigSpiel said...

If you are feeling ambitous, you can pin the broken wrist. I do this by drilling a very small hole in the stump and the hand/wrist. I then insert a small metal pin (think straight pin from a new dress shirt), and super glue it. It also works on soft plastic.