Monday, December 8, 2008

Fiddlin with the decor

Seems to be a fairly quiet time for toy soldiers lately, so I'm playing with colors a little bit. So, if you show up, and it's like bright purple or something, don't worry, just trying out some new things.

I'm looking forward to getting the new TSSD CW figures. Plus, I'm keeping tabs on the updates at the Hat page and their latest 1/32 previews. I haven't ordered the new Weston Cav figures yet, but if santa doesn't leave em' under my tree, I'll put in an order after Christmas.

AIP, which I don't mention very often, does have some new figures coming out. I haven't gotten anything from them since their WWI figures (which are still the mainstay for WWI collecting). But they do have some new Napoleonics coming out soon.

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