Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're taking on water!!!

I had a water pipe bust on me today. The living room is drenched all the way through to the carpet pad. Not fun. The dog seems to like it. He's finding all sorts of new scents and stains as we pull up the carpet to sop up all the water. So, myself, I wouldn't be completely disappointed if the Conte Spartans don't show up for another month. New carpet, drywall, and some hard wood flooring, along with a boat load of Spartans don't really fit into my monthly budget all that well. Oh well. Maybe I can sell the dog. Anybody want a 4 pound poodle that has a taste for plastic?

I got some comments ( I LOVE getting comments) about the Hat figures being undersized. Don't know myself, haven't seen them, but that was always a fear. And one has to take into account, are they undersized compared to Conte and TSSD, or undersized compared to Marx and Airfix? If they are more akin to ESCI, that will be tough to swallow, though I could probably get over it. I've never had too much trouble mixing styles and sizes. And yet, there are small people, and larger people, but when it comes to standards, like helmets, rifles, ect. ect., there needs to be a concerted effort amongst companies to make everything jive.

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