Monday, August 11, 2008

Conte Spartans Shipping

Just thought I would pass along, I just got a phone call from Conte that the Spartans are shipping out today. I don't know if they are calling everyone, of if I got a phone call simply because my credit card expired back in July, so they needed an updated card #. A bright note in an otherwise bummer of three day stretch. To be honest, I shouldn't be too bummed out. My insurance agreed to pay for everything that got damaged by my busted pipe. So, Stephanie and I got to go floor shopping today. Never knew that there were SOOOO many types of flooring. boggles my little mind.

Has anybody else ever had water damage? Right now we are running industrial sized fans. Very loud, but, if it keeps mold from setting in, I can live with it.

Rock on!

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