Monday, August 4, 2008

More Hat 1/32

Hat has really picked up their production of 1/32. You can see here their upcoming Sacred Band set. If you skim around on their forum you will find several other upcoming 1/32 projects. A lot of them fall in the "Ancients" category. I haven't picked up any of their latest offerings, but will try to sometime soon. I'd like to get the Italian Allies and the Gallic Warband. They look cool.

I think I have checked the Conte website everyday waiting for more word about the plastic Spartans. Waiting truly is one of the most exciting things about this hobby. Once they actually arrive, and have been torn out of the packaging and neatly aligned on the shelf, the only thing left is to allow them to collect dust, occasionally getting them down off the shelf to examine, play with, or show a bewildered friend the extent of your madness. It's all part of this "collecting" disease we suffer from. The wanting is often a more powerful emotion than the joy you get from actually having something. I wonder if everyone is like this, or if I live in a mad little world all of my own. Don't worry, it doesn't keep me up at night. The only thing that keeps me up at night is my cat. She bites my fingers. At least she doesn't lick my eye lids, like she does to Stephanie.


gazupp said...

hey i got some of the new figs, and that make me mad, what the hell they are 50mm small things hat is screwwing it up why , cann't they make 54mm,

Anonymous said...

The Celtic warband was on the small side of 54mm. If they do Spartans and Persians they would be wise to match them up or near Conte's size.

gazupp said...

yeas!!, i agree, i went to the hat page, and complained about it under 50mm or 54mm, what the heck , man this makes me mad, i wish hat would do this justise.! i like this comapny alot