Friday, April 18, 2008

The Shelves Go Up!

And the Shelves Go Up!!! Finally! Now, this is just one wall done. Below you'll see the next wall that we need to tackle. Stuff moved, wallpaper stripped, painting... blarg. But it'll look good once it's done. You can see my little shrine to Star Wars there. Hopefully the posters will be able to be relocated to a new side of the room. I'd hate to roll em' up and put em' in storage.

While emptying out some drawers that I haven't opened up for a couple of years, I stumbled upon my Gummi Army Men. It's crazy what you feel the need to keep around.


jac28 said...

Great job on the first wall and display shelves! It's great to see a room of the house put to such good use. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Ok, first wall done but don't get cocky! If the pics are any indication, you still have expansion room for more shelves. You'll need it. Stephanie does some mighty fine work. Now, get back on the steamer and finish the other walls. Don't forget the drop-cloth, clean up the mess, and make sure Stephanie is very well treated and rewarded for all her hard work.

Anonymous said...

Some time by a bunch of those gummi army guys and have a battle. You can make casualties by eating parts of them.

Beau said...

lol, I looked at the Gummi Guys, and they don't look real appetizing anymore. Gummi candies aren't real gummi after a few years sitting in a drawer.