Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Improvement / Manny the Dog

My wife had an idea for my room. It involves new shelving, a new paint job, some curtains, some display nooks, and.... taking down the old wallpaper. I think it's really gonna look good once it's done, but for now, it looks like a disaster area. And stripping wallpaper is an awful, awful chore.

And of course, with all my former shelves gone, there ain't much room for my stuff, so a bunch of it is simply living on my display table for now.

And on a different note, you may remember my dog Manny. Well, instead of him chewing on something, this time something chewed on him. Yesterday, an unleashed Rottweiler got ahold of him. My wife, being the loving dog mother that she is, actually wrestled the Rottweiler until it let go of Manny, but not before it added a few new holes too him. We took him to the Pet Emergency Center and they put a staple in his side. He's doing pretty good right now, being doped up on Pain meds, and pretty much sleeping the day away. But it was a close call!! Don't underestimate the tenacity of a Poodle or the craziness of a dog lover (thankfully the Rottweiler didn't turn on her!!!).


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be in fort wayne soon and was wondering if you knew of any good places to buy toy soldiers?

Beau said...

I don't know anywhere in Fort Wayne. In fact, the only Toy Soldier place in Indiana I knew of was Spirit of 76' down in Columbus. Haven't been there in awhile. Besides that, your best bet is Hobbytowns, and seeing what the local Targets and Walmarts have in stock such as 21st Century and FoV. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Use a steamer on the old wallpaper. Comes right off (unless someone painted over the wallpaper). Steamers rent pretty cheap.

Beau said...

We started by using stuff called DIF that was supposed to take wallpaper right off. Didn't work. Next we went with vinegar/water solution. Same results. Next we tried Fabric Softner... nothin doin'. Then we tried an Iron and just steamed the wallpaper. It worked, so we may go with a real steamer. Thanks for the tip!