Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mark WOW Vikings

Hey All,

Just got back from Atlanta, GA. Was at Nash Farm for a reenactment there. Hey, I thought it was always warm in Georgia!! What the deal with all that cold weather?!? Fun time though!

My awesome Aunt-in-Law picked up some Marx figures for me at a flea market. She had no idea what they were, just knew that I dug little plastic soldiers. She got me a few MPC Russians, a lone Marx German, and some hard plastic painted Marx Warriors of the World figures. There are four of them, and three of them are broken. I couldn't find my digital camera, so tried using my computer's camera, which isn't very good. But here they are:

Too bad they are busted like that. Anybody know of a place where I could get some recasts of these in unpainted soft plastic?


Larry T. said...

Beau, You can get them from Minutemen Toys soldiers or from ATS Toy Soldiers.

Larry T.

Anonymous said...

I think that toy soldiers depot said they'd be coming out with them.

Beau said...

Rock on! They are actually a pretty good size to throw up against my Conte Spartans. I need someone for them to massacre!!