Friday, August 17, 2007

Spooky Town Stuff

I made a trip to my local Michael's Hobby store a couple days ago and found some of the new Spooky Town stuff. I got a "hill" sort of thing and a wooden fence that is part of their Christmas Village line. I also got a some piles of skulls that are pretty cool (see on right hand side of picture). Here are some pictures of them in my latest set-up.
The fences in the above picture are actually made of wood and are fairly fragile. All my other Christmas Village wood fences have actually been made of the hard ceramic, which is much more durable and easy to store. Makes these kind of a pain, but they look so good, I'll forgive them.

As for the hill piece, it is simply rockin', made of the same foam type material that FormTech uses, and is painted up nicely. There is another add on piece to the hill that is a bit taller and has stairs on it. I plan on getting it before the holiday season is over. They do have a hill like this for their christmas village as well which would come in handy. I can already see a confederate artillery battery on top of it with the TSSD winter dress Federals charging up it...

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