Monday, April 23, 2007


Ok, so, I know it's been awhile. BUT IT'S BEEN FOR GOOD REASON!!! you know, video games, tv, and rockin' out every saturday night. all good reasons. But here I am again, and I do have some things to talk about. First off, I saw that the new Italeri Germans and Russians are available from a few vendors (maybe all of them by now). I'm going to get me some... soon. Also, next time you're in wal-mart, or the like, look for the 54-60mm pirates. They are very much like the Star Wars Unleashed battlepacks. 4 plastic figures all painted up. Slap a coat of paint on them and hopefully they'll blend in with the rest of my pirates. And dude, new Forces of Valor sets. Not my favorite figures, but the new poses are unique, and they are sculpted a tad differently. Haven't seen em' up close and personal yet, so can't give many details.

I also, just the other day, had a friend send me some items including a set of the Reisler WWII figures. Not real familiar with their history, but neat little poses. My wife found the nurse pose and asked for it for her sewing room. My friend also sent me a Marx Navarone Mountain along with the box. Most of the pieces were all there, which is pretty cool. I've got plans for it...

So, assuming I can pull myself away from the video games and the tv (Thank goodness the Sopranos is only on once a week!!), I should be able to jump back into the toy soldiers. Rock on.

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